Support for the national park

The rangers in the Saxon Switzerland National Park have lots of work to do almost all year round. Employees at Drees & Sommer’s regional office in Dresden would like to support the rangers by working in the forest for a day, undertaking such work as transporting construction materials.

Brief description

Saxon Switzerland National Park, Saxony

[Date still open due to coronavirus]

1 day

20 employees from Drees & Sommer’s Dresden regional office

Saxon Switzerland is a well-known recreational area southeast of Dresden. The wide range of recreational activities, such as cycling, hiking, climbing, and open-air theatre, attracts around 1.7 million people each year.


Some 20 staff from the Drees & Summer regional office in Dresden plan to support the work of the park rangers in the local national park for a full day. Essentially, the work will involve helping the rangers by forming a human conveyor belt to transport construction material. To minimize their environmental footprint, the Drees & Sommer employees will travel to the park by public transport.


The Dresden regional office will also provide financial support to the park administration’s children and youth education program and volunteer organization.


Bizarre, quirky, original... whatever words you find, let yourself be impressed! Of sandstone needles and rocky reefs, beech forests and torrents - masterpieces of nature, which have been protected as a national park since 1990.