A better career start

Operating throughout Germany, JOBLINGE is a non-profit organization that helps disadvantaged young people get off to a better start in their careers. Drees & Sommer employees in Frankfurt offered their support and have already organized two one-day workshops for young people.

Brief description


March 10, 2020 and June 15, 2020, with further workshops planned

Two one-day workshops to date, plus the funding of one JOBLING scholarship

Nina Fetter and Max Lörtzing as presenters, with Sabrina Blaume and Desika Divkovic providing support

On March 10, 2020, Nina Fetter and Max Lörtzing from the Frankfurt Drees & Sommer team presented the first workshop at JOBLINGE. It covered project management and self-organization, and was attended by 17 young people.


The speakers covered the theoretical principles in the morning, while the afternoon was devoted to a practical exercise. The participants developed their solutions in small groups and then presented them to the other participants.

The goal of the one-day workshop was to provide a simple introduction to project management and self-organization.  

A second workshop – this time a virtual one – was conducted on June 15, with further workshops planned. Drees & Sommer is also covering the cost of a JOBLING scholarship, which allows a young person to participate in the program and commence their professional training.

JOBLINGE e. V. is a non-profit organization that operates throughout Germany. Industry, government and private donors engage to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping to provide them with better career opportunities.

“I was really struck by how attentive the workshop participants were, not only absorbing the content, but also putting it directly into practice. I really had the feeling that I was doing something to support their personal development. I don’t think there is any better form of feedback for social outreach.”

Max Lörtzing, RBSGROUP – Part of Drees & Sommer, Frankfurt