THE BLUE WAY next exit

Titled “THE BLUE WAY next exit” the film is being released to mark our anniversary year. But instead of looking back on our successful past, we look into the future. Tradition and future, nature and design, industry and art: We overcome these differences in our daily work. In the film, protagonists representing the different themes, overcome these opposites and show one thing: all that is only possible having fun - with our Dreso-Spirit. The goal is the same: To jointly create a world we want to live in. And one that we can pass on to future generations – such as our grandchildren – with a clear conscience.

The coronavirus has forced many people to pause and ponder what makes our world worth living in. Even though the idea for the film was conceived nearly two years ago – long before the coronavirus pandemic – the topic has only gained in importance. For this reason, we believe that our film touches a nerve – and addresses what is really important.