Gardening with children

Sowing seeds, watering – and, of course, harvesting: The enthusiastic team from the Drees & Sommer Munich office had a lot of fun teaching kids at the local daycare center the fundamentals of gardening. And it made for some really stimulating lunch breaks.

Brief description


May to October 2020

Financial support and human effort

Sebastian Unterholzner, Pia-Maria Klink, Viktoria Wenzel, Benjamin Lang, Dominik Leix and Isabelle Fischer

The St. Joachim daycare center is just a stone’s throw from Drees & Sommer’s Munich office. And thanks to the involvement of the Munich team, the children regularly get fresh vegetables from their own garden for lunch. 

In keeping with the idea of ‘urban gardening in the kindergarten’, the keen Dreso gardeners built a greenhouse, planted existing raised beds and plant troughs, and have worked tirelessly with the educators, parents and, of course, the children in the center’s garden.  The team has used nearly every lunch break to visit the budding young gardeners to help them water the plants and to pass on gardening knowledge to the next generation. The daycare center rewarded the team’s commitment with an invitation to share a lunch featuring freshly harvested vegetables. 

The well-tended garden is an ideal fit with St Joachim daycare center’s catering concept, which call for all meals to be prepared on site each day using fresh ingredients.  

“We wanted our garden project to be sustainable and community-oriented, while at the same time allowing us to do something manual as a break from office routine. The neighboring St. Joachim daycare center was very glad to receive our enthusiastic hands-on and financial support.” 

Sebastian Unterholzner, Munich