A beacon of hope

Drees & Sommer Russia made a donation to the Lighthouse Charity Foundation. The fund cares for terminally ill children and young people up to the age of 25 by supporting children’s hospices in Moscow and the surrounding region. The Russian colleague’s construction expertise was also used to help an SOS Children’s Village.

Brief description

Children’s hospices in Moscow and the surrounding region / SOS Children’s Village in Vologda


Donation and know-how

The team from Drees & Sommer in Russia

The Lighthouse Charity Foundation helps to get children and young people discharged from hospital and organizes the care they need at home.
We believe that children with incurable diseases have the same rights as healthy children, and should not have to spend their whole lives in an intensive care unit. The colleagues’ goal was to allow families to live as happily as possible despite having a critically sick child, and to ensure that the child does not suffer pain or loneliness at the end of their life.

The Drees & Sommer team’s donation facilitated the purchase of medicines and equipment needed for the everyday treatment of the young patients, including electronic floor scales, elastic bandages, diapers, antiseptics, tonometers, sanitary lotions, etc.
Drees & Sommer executed the project together with its client Paul Hartmann. Some of the products required were donated by manufacturers of medical and care equipment and materials.

Drees & Sommer also supported a Russian SOS Children’s Village with professional services in the form of consulting and construction supervision: The Drees & Sommer specialists reviewed the planning documents and made recommendations and changes to optimize solutions, ensured a cozier, child-friendly environment, while at the same time cutting construction costs. They also analyzed bidders’ quotes, helped the village select a general contractor, and undertook other construction and engineering quality control functions.