Climate Fresco: Teach and take action!

The Drees & Sommer team in Paris attended a workshop to learn more about climate change, positioning themselves to address possible environmental measures in their projects and sensitize clients to related issues.

Brief Description


July 10, 2020

1 day

15 employees at Drees & Sommer France

Whether reducing waste or meat consumption, saving energy and water, alternative forms of mobility, or reducing carbon footprints, the team at Drees & Sommer France has been supporting environment protection for a long time. But how do you get beyond the stage of ‘small steps’ and really sharpen awareness?

In view of the looming climate catastrophe, in-depth education offers the best basis for effective action. That’s why the team wanted to examine the topic in detail and attended Climate Challenge’s ‘Climate Fresco’ workshop.
Climate Fresco is a collective creative workshop which teaches basic scientific facts on climate change in the course of a game. Using 42 playing cards that are based on scientific reports by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), teams have to find the relationships between cause and effect. The goal is to reflect on relationships and effects, and to work together to develop solutions.

“The workshop was a complete success and generated great interest in the team. It gave us sound scientific knowledge and a deeper understanding of cause and effect in just one morning,” say Jean-Marc Guillen and Heiko Butter of Drees & Sommer France. The team is now equipped to discuss specific solutions and influence strategic decisions. Following the big shock and the realization that you don’t know anything and have to take urgent action, we should take every opportunity to address environment protection measures in projects and to generate a chain reaction in clients with regard to environmental conservation. “Several employees were so impressed that they are now considering acting as trainers for the ‘Climate Fresco’ workshop themselves,” say Jean-Marc Guillen und Heiko Butter, delighted with impact the workshop has had.  



“It was a powerful moment when we collectively grasped the degree of urgency. It galvanized us into action!”

Jean-Marc Guillen (Photo) and Heiko Butter, Drees & Sommer France