BeeOdiversity in Stuttgart

The Drees & Sommer Innovation Center has launched a pilot project in Germany with the startup company BeeOdiversity. The goals are environmental monitoring and preservation of biodiversity. In addition to digital technology, the company is making use of honeybees’ zeal for collecting nectar and pollen.

Brief description

Stuttgart, Obere Waldplätze

From summer 2020

Over a period of one year

Staff from the Drees & Sommer Innovation Center in Stuttgart

Preserving natural biodiversity – or increasing it in areas where it has declined in recent decades – is a key element of the European Union’s Green Deal. For this reason, the staff at our Innovation Center in Stuttgart want to support the Belgian startup BeeOdiversity.

The startup, which operates internationally, had the opportunity to present their ideas to a German audience with a pitch as part of our digital forum on 6 May 2020. BeeOdiversity’s innovative approach is to use the data collected via their digital analysis to preserve biodiversity. In this way, the solution brings digital technology and nature into harmony via their digital evaluation.

That’s why the Innovation Center is planning to sponsor a special BeeOmonitoring program for the Stuttgart site. Monitoring started in the summer of 2020 which included the measurement of pollutants and the state of biodiversity based on the nectar and pollen collected by the bees and the visualization of the results in a dashboard view. Already some Drees & Sommer bees have been deployed to act as drones. Subsequently, the new "bee year" will provide further data, particularly from spring 2021. The first concrete recommendations for action are to be made based on these findings, enabling a sustainable strategy for Stuttgart's business park.
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