Nicer home for needy families

Having a home in which you ‘feel at home’ is important, but something that is denied to some. Four Dresos per home are making a big effort to help five needy families in Rotterdam feel more at home. They are playing an active role in the ‘From House to Home’ project run by the non-profit ‘Stichting Present’ (Present Foundation).

Brief description


Early 2021

5 half-day sessions plus payment of material costs

Team of 20 Drees & Sommer colleagues from the Netherlands regional office and BOAG – Part of Drees & Sommer

‘From House to Home’ helps needy families with children living under difficult conditions and who do not receive any support from their own social milieu. The coronavirus pandemic, during which people are forced to spend more time than usual within in their own four walls, makes matters even worse for such families.  

The Drees & Summer team will help families create a nicer living environment by completing specific projects such as renovating a children’s room, painting a living room, or laying new flooring. The team plans to undertake five half-day jobs. Drees & Sommer will also cover the cost of materials required for the renovations. As an additional touch, the families will be given a box of groceries to mark the start of their time in their ‘new’ home.

Stichting Present connects people who are able to provide support with those who need help. The colleagues in the Netherlands are supporting the foundation’s goals with their work on the ‘From House to Home’ project. 

“It is really nice to know that just a few half-day sessions can substantially improve the living situation for needy families. We turn a flat into a real home!”

Isabel van der Zande, Drees & Sommer