Lea Garofalo flourishes anew

The Lea Garofalo community garden in Milan is used by several organizations for therapy. Drees & Sommer Italy is supporting the association that runs the garden by helping with a cleanup and providing the necessary garden equipment.

Brief description


Spring 2021

½ day voluntary work and donation in kind

The entire Drees & Sommer team at the Italian regional office

The municipal Lea Garofalo community garden in Milan is home to initiatives of the ‘Procaccini’ psychiatric center, the Italian-Chinese ‘Mutual support’ association, and the ‘Crimes’ department of the Ministry of Justice for therapeutic support and reintegration into society.

The Drees & Sommer team from the Italian regional office is supporting the ‘Giardini in Transito’ association with a cleanup to ensure that the community garden can fulfill its role and flourish anew. The tidy-up of the garden and the separation and subsequent environmentally friendly disposal of the waste materials collected are also intended to raise visitors’ awareness of environmentally conscious behavior.

The gardening equipment purchased for the cleanup will be donated to the association.


"Il giardino sotto casa è un giardino di tutti" – “The garden in front of the house is for everyone.”

Andrea Trucillo -  Drees & Sommer Italy