Mobility offers a little normality

Drees & Sommer employees in Potsdam and Berlin are getting into the saddle for a day to take disabled people on a day-long bike tour through the city and environs. They are also carrying out bike repairs.

Brief description


Winter/spring (depends on the weather)

One day

Employees of Drees & Sommer’s Berlin and Potsdam regional offices 

‘Mobile or not’ is no longer an issue. The Berlin association ‘Cooperative Mensch’ (‘Human Cooperative’, formerly Berliner Spastiker) not only accommodates and cares for disabled people, it also helps them to experience mobility in an enjoyable way.


Mobility is not a given for the physically and mentally disabled. So the aim of the cycling initiative is to enable them to go for a bike ride, something most of us take for granted. Thanks to the electric motors, the carers can use the bikes much more frequently, and even explore Berlin’s more distant and interesting surroundings.


Dreso colleagues are swinging into the saddle and pumping the pedals to reconnoiter the capital and its surroundings with them. It’s a unique experience that will hopefully result in friendships!



“Seeing the joy that cycling or being a passenger brings was a moving experience for both me and the team. And one would love to repeat in future .”  

Silvio Buchholz, Potsdam