Fitness trail for kids

The help and hope foundation in Dortmund built a fitness trail for kids aged 6 to 12 on the Königsmühle estate. Drees & Sommer was not only pitching in to help with the work, but also donating materials.

Brief description

Königsmühle estate, Dortmund

August/September 2020

2 days

Mareike Haak, Ömer Toy, Nina Gennermann, Thomas Geldermann, Linda Kraft, Vincent Wapelhorst, Philipp Brumann, Volker Mündelein, Matthias Dammann, Georg Hellinger, Constantin Farwick, Jonas Borngässer, Ahmet Yildiz, Randi Schneider

The help and hope foundation has the aim of guiding children and young people towards a better future. In addition to the various educational programs it provides, the Königsmühle estate plays a key role the work of the foundation. Weekly and holiday activities allow children to connect with nature and experience a sense of community, challenge themselves, explore, and be creative.

As its next project, the foundation built a fitness trail for children aged 6 to 12. The aim is to show children the joys of physical activity, and to teach them the connection between health and adequate exercise.

The support of the Drees & Sommer team in the construction of the fitness trail originally planned for May, unfortunately had to be postponed due to Corona. At the beginning of October, the time had finally come: The colleagues from Dortmund and Münster went to the greatest lengths over two days in great weather and good spirits. They sawed, drilled, milled and brushed.  Nine pieces of equipment were set up with the professional support of the Help and Hope Foundation's in-house technician. The result is impressive. At the end of October, the Technical Inspection Agency came to inspect the equipment and since then the children have been able to let off steam. In addition, we supported the project with a material donation in the amount of 2,000 euros.