Forests to mitigate climate change

Tree-planting is increasingly being used as the preferred measure to mitigate the effects of climate change. The colleagues at the Drees & Sommer Hanover regional office have also chosen this effective approach, which also helps the forests of the region that have suffered from the impact of drought.

Brief description

Hanover and environs

Autumn 2020 and later follow-up

1 day

Team at the Drees & Sommer regional office in Hanover

The team at Drees & Sommer in Hanover is becoming actively engaged in the reforestation of the woods in their city and the surrounding region. In this way they are helping to combat the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, as trees absorb and store carbon through photosynthesis as they grow. The project is supporting the NLF (Lower Saxony State Forests), the largest forest owner in Lower Saxony.

The state’s forests have been badly impacted by the hot summers experienced in recent years and need help. As residents of Germany’s greenest city, the colleagues have taken up the cause of doing something about the enormous loss of woodland. Funds will be provided for tree-planting in badly affected areas, and employees will donate time to help with the tree-planting. This first campaign will be followed by regular follow-up campaigns, as required. The next major tree-planting campaign is scheduled for autumn 2020.