Urban gardening with a primary school

In order to raise awareness of topics such as healthy eating and packaging waste at a young age, the Drees & Sommer team in Aachen is going to do some gardening with some primary school children.

Brief description


End of summer holidays 2020

1 day

The Drees & Sommer team at the Aachen regional office

During the summer holidays, the Dresos will establish three raised beds and plant several different types of vegetables, so that when the children return to school after the holidays they can admire the first results. QR codes on the plants give the children access to useful information on the vegetables in front of them.

But this is not only the combination of sustainability and digitization we are using: Moisture sensors will be installed in the raised beds. Monitors in the school lobby will show the moisture content of the soil in each of the raised beds, thus providing digital support for proper care of the vegetable garden.

One group of children will act as sponsors for each of the beds. This way, the children  will learn to take responsibility and attend to the beds regularly. The necessary equipment (garden tools in a suitable storage box, watering cans, etc.) will be provided – in Drees & Sommer blue, of course.


“The great thing about this project is that the children can quickly see how their work bears fruit, so to speak . The learning outcome resulting from the combination of nature and digitization is also gratifying. Digitization shows that nature never stands still.”

Bianca Steinröx, Drees & Sommer