Beautiful summer in the Grätzeloase

The Drees & Sommer team in Austria is tackling a project together: The colleagues built a 25-square-meter terrace in front of the ‘neunerhaus’ café in Vienna. Behind this unusual name is a social organization that supports the homeless regardless of their circumstances.

Brief description


June 2020

For several weeks

The team from the Vienna regional office

The terrace is made of timber and features some seating and space for small trees and bushes. The Dresos got to work in early summer under the guidance of a master carpenter. The terrace will act as an extension, increasing the café’s seating capacity and hopefully attracting more guests, especially during the warm summer months.

"We are very pleased that Drees & Sommer has supported us in building our Grätzloase. This means that this year, too, café visitors will have the opportunity to relax outdoors, enjoy a coffee or a healthy lunch or simply get together for a nice chat. Because just like the café, the Grätzloase should be a space of possibilities and open to everyone," adds Daniela Unterholzner, managing director of neunerhaus.

The neunerhaus café is a meeting place for the homeless and vulnerable. But in recent years it has grown into a drop-in center for residents of the Grätzel (Vienna dialect for neighborhood, which is why the terrace has been dubbed the ‘Grätzel oasis’).
The café serves delicious fresh hot meals every day. Payment is voluntary. The proceeds are used to fund various neunerhaus initiatives, such as a clinic for the homeless and uninsured, and the adjacent veterinary clinic, both run by volunteers.

"I am very happy that this great project has been set up and I hope that we can contribute to an even stronger cooperation in the Grätzl."

Georg Stadlhofer, Drees & Sommer