A pergola for Quirinus House

Quirinus House in Neuss is a sheltered workshop and community center for some 150 people with disabilities. The team at the Drees & Sommer regional office in Düsseldorf is pitching in to help beautify the grounds of the facility. The highlight of the project is a pergola made of sustainable timber-based materials.  

Brief Description


Autumn 2020

Two days of full team engagement

The entire Drees & Sommer team in Düsseldorf

When the sun is too bright or hot, or even if it starts to rain, a pergola made of sustainable timber-based materials will help make time spent at Quirinus House in Neuss more pleasant for users. The team from the Drees & Sommer regional office in Düsseldorf plans to build just such a pergola in collaboration with DREKU GmbH.

The Düsseldorf team not only plans to help with construction and painting, but also with minor cosmetic measures, such as cleaning the external walls and installing feeders for birds and squirrels. The grounds of Quirinus House already has some attractive and inviting features, such as a pond with a path around it and various types of seating where guests can while away the time.

The pergola will provide a protective roof and a meeting point for outdoor social interaction. The beautification project will be undertaken on two days in autumn 2020, as Quirinus House is currently still closed to visitors because of the coronavirus situation.

Quirinus House in Neuss is one of the disabled service facilities run by the St. Augustinus group. The center offers a range of activities to help people with disabilities (re-)discover, stabilize and develop their own resources and abilities. These include creative and building activities, games and concentration exercises, assembly and packaging work, and housekeeping tasks.

“The 50-year project is a super opportunity to engage in community work as a team-building event – doing something good together is fun and makes a lasting change to perceptions of the group, wildlife and the environment.”

Verena Gröne, Drees & Sommer Düsseldorf