Cycling for the climate

The first four and a half months of the year made for weary legs: Drees & Sommer employees in Kiel and Copenhagen cycled a total of more than 7,300 kilometers. This not only strengthened their muscles and reduced carbon emissions, but also led to the donation of 86 saplings.

Brief description

Kiel and Copenhagen

Beginning of January to mid-May 2020

Four and a half months of city cycling and tree planting in autumn 2020 in Schleswig-Holstein

Drees & Sommer teams in Kiel and Copenhagen

If you travel by bike instead of by car, it not only gets your circulation going, but also helps protect the environment. That’s why employees in Kiel and Copenhagen have been spending more time on the saddle. Each of them kept a record of the distance they cycled between January 1 and May 16, 2020. There were two things to motivate them: Drees & Sommer’s offer to donate a sapling to local authorities in Schleswig-Holstein for every 85 kilometers cycled – and the competition that developed between the teams in Kiel and Copenhagen. As a result of the coronavirus, most of the cyclists are currently working from home – so they did not have to commute and had to do the cycling in their spare time.  

And even though the Danes clocked up more kilometers than the Kiel team, everyone was a winner: 7,306 kilometers cycled meant a lot of exercise, lower carbon emissions, and the donation of 86 saplings – with the latter doubling the carbon savings! The first of the trees have already been planted. The Old Botanical Garden near the Kiel Fjord and the Drees & Summer’s Kiel regional office each now have a fast-growing white fir. Most of the remaining trees will be planted in autumn in towns and villages around Schleswig-Holstein.

The ‘Cycling for the Climate’ campaign is not the only way Drees & Sommer promotes cycling. For more than two years, employees have been able to lease a company bike at a subsidized rate.


“Cycling keeps you fit, protects the environment and is fun – a real win-win situation! And the same applies to planting trees, by the way!”

Joachim Lenschow, Drees & Sommer, Kiel