A matter of the heart

The Herzenswünche (‘Heart’s Desires’) charity helps children who are seriously ill by making their dreams come true. Drees & Sommer is supporting the charity, which works nationwide, by making a financial donation.

Brief Description


January 9, 2020

Financial donation

Karin Pajda of Drees & Sommer

Herzenswünsche e.V. helps to fulfill the dearest wishes of seriously ill children and young people throughout Germany, lifting their spirits and giving them strength to face their dreary everyday hospital existence.

For example, the association finances the very popular clinic clowns and so-called pet therapy, whose benefits include giving children with developmental problems new body awareness. In the case of sickness such as cystic fibrosis, the association pays for ‘climate cures’ on Gran Canaria. And since 2004, young people have been able to recover from the stress of cancer treatment on husky sled tours in Scandinavia. But the association has also fulfilled the last wishes of children and young people already in palliative care.
Drees & Sommer is supporting the charity’s wide-ranging activities with a donation of €2,000 to Stuttgart’s Olgahospital (or ‘Olgäle’ as it is affectionately known to locals).


“I think the association’s work is wonderful, bringing a smile to the faces of seriously ill children and distracting them from their everyday hospital existence.”

Karin Pajda, Drees & Sommer, project initiator


Dog Sledding Tour in Scandinavia
A meeting with the German national goalkeeper Manuel Neuer
Cystic fibrosis therapy in Gran Canaria