Bikes and iPads to support holistic education

The coronavirus lockdown has clearly shown that schools often do not have the means to provide digital and holistic education for all their students. For this reason, colleagues from Mannheim were keen to support the Georgens School in Ludwigshafen with various donations in kind.

Brief description

Georgens-Schule, Ludwigshafen

28.08.2020, 09.09.2020

2 half-days for handover of the donations

Olivia Köhler, Martin Douteil, Sarita Rehhäußer and others


The Georgens-Schule is a school in Ludwigshafen with a focus on holistic development. It is attended by some 240 pupils between the ages of 6 and 18. The coronavirus lockdown has shown that schools and pupils often lack the means to participate in digital lessons – as is the case in the Georgens School.

And that’s where the colleagues at the Drees & Sommer regional office in Mannheim wanted to provide support. The company’s own IT department purchased four iPads through AfB – a non-profit organization – and donated them to the school. One class was also supplied with goody bags containing writing materials and a Cradle to Cradle drink bottle.

To promote holistic development, the students regularly go on bike rides. There is an urgent need for bicycles, which is why the colleagues also decided to donate four bicycles. The specialist store Zweirad-Center Stadler Mannheim GmbH gave an extra discount, making it possible to purchase helmets and locks as well.

The children were delighted at the handovers and presented us with small gifts: “We received a homemade wooden pencil holder, a candleholder and great paintings – all created by the kids in their art and craft lessons. The paintings now hang in our Dreso kitchen,” says Olivia Köhler from Drees & Sommer. Sarita Rehhäußer takes to the future: “We want to maintain contact with the school. We plan to have them visit our office as soon as the pandemic allows and the children are no longer exposed to any risk of infection. The children would like to learn more about our work and also get to know the other colleagues.”

“The new bicycles guarantee that we’ll reach our destination without a flat tire. Thank you for your generous donation!"

Lisa-Marie Scheid, teacher at the Georgens-School