50 years of history and projects

In 2020, Drees & Sommer is celebrating the company's 50th anniversary. A review of contemporary history, company history and special projects.


50 years of Drees & Sommer

Our board members Dierk Mutschler and Steffen Szeidl in conversation with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Sommer.


Dedicated lone wolves manage their projects more or less according to their own preferences. Pens, pencils and mechanical typewriters are the tools of choice.

New regional offices in Cologne, Düsseldorf, and Munich
First project offices in Qatar and Saudi Arabia

1970: 3 employees; Sales €0.1m
1980: 30 employees; Sales €3m

1970: Prof. Gerhard Drees and Volker Kuhne found the engineering firm DREES, KUHNE U. PARTNER in Mozartstrasse, Stuttgart.

Using Critical Path Analysis – an innovative method for tracking schedules that is also used successfully by NASA – the three employees are able to better master complex construction processes.

1971: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Sommer joins the company.

1972: APOLLO 17 undertakes the last manned lunar mission to date

1972: Summer Olympics in Munich

1973: First oil crisis

1976: The office adopts the name Drees & Sommer

1976: Seatbelts become mandatory in Germany

1977/78: Drees & Sommer introduces a powerful program for costing and control of construction costs

1979: Margaret Thatcher becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

1980: Move to Lenzhalde in Stuttgart, computerization continues with first in-house computer system

1980: The construction consulting and planning company DS PLAN founded


The company evolves from scheduling to project control services.

Increasing focus on operating costs of buildings. The experts continue to develop cost-efficiency consulting – Drees & Sommer becomes a project management provider.

Simulation for energy optimization of buildings. Planning places greater emphasis on users.

New regional offices in Hamburg and Frankfurt

180 employees
Sales €20 m

1981: First office seminar in Kochel

1982: Helmut Kohl becomes Federal Chancellor

1984: Apple launches the MACINTOSH

1985: Michail Gorbachev becomes General Secretary of the CPSU

1986: Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Ukraine

1987: First female engineer joins Drees & Sommer

1988: Introduction of partner system with office and project partners

1989: Fall of the Berlin Wall

1990: German Reunification


Number of contracts from investors increases. Drees & Sommer offers development management as a service element. The company undertakes DM for Potsdamer Platz in Berlin on behalf of Daimler-Benz AG.

Execution models such as General Management and the Building Partner Model largely eliminate chance as a factor, providing clients with the highest possible degree of security.

New regional offices in Berlin, Budapest*, Bucharest*, Dresden, Erfurt, Fujairah*, Leipzig, Milan, and Vienna

560 employees
Sales €85m

1992: Drees & Sommer AG founded

1993: Bill Clinton succeeds George H.W. Bush as President of the United States

1995: WINDOWS 95 launched

1997: DS INFRA CONSULT founded

1998: Expansion of server and network landscape, development of Drees & Summer knowledge management on the intranet.

1998: The movie TITANIC is a massive hit both at the box office and the Oscars

1999: GREEN BUILDINGS – Drees & Sommer develops sustainable, cost-efficient buildings


The Project Communication System (PCS) improves know-how transfer in projects.

New regional offices in Barcelona, Basel, Beijing*, Bremen, Brussels, Doha*, Dubai, Hannover, Istanbul*, Kiel, Kiev*, Copenhagen, Moscow, Munsbach, Nuremberg, Prague*, Shanghai, Sofia*, St. Petersburg, Strasbourg*, Tehran*, Warsaw, and Zurich

1.120 employees
Sales €145 m

2001: Attack on the World Trade Center in New York

2002: Relocation of company headquarters to Obere Waldplätze 11 in Stuttgart

2002: EURO coins and banknotes enter circulation

2004: Facebook is launched

2004: Angela Merkel becomes Federal Chancellor

2006: Germany hosts FIFA WORLD CUP

2007: The company is a founding member of DGNB

2007: Market launch of iPhone

2008: Barack Obama is elected President of the United States

2010: Optimization of established properties – recognizing and unlocking the potential of legacy buildings


The pace of innovation accelerates during this decade. Drees & Sommer drives developments throughout the construction and real estate industry (for example via the INNOVATION FORUM). These are dominated by sustainability and digitization initiatives.

New regional offices in Aachen, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Bern, Dortmund, Eindhoven, Freiburg, Kent, Lausanne, London, Madrid, Mannheim, Münster, Paris, Potsdam, Riyadh* , Sao Paolo*, and Ulm

3.700 employees
Sales €424,9 m


2011: First use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for planning

2011: Introduction of industry strategy

2011: Tsunami hits Japan and causes FUKUSHIMA nuclear disaster

2013: Cradle to Cradle® approach for the construction industry

2013: g2 joins the Dreso Group

2014: Germany wins FIFA WORLD CUP in Brazil

2015: RBSGROUP joins the Group

2015: Paris climate change agreement

2016: Donald Trump is elected President of the United States

2017: Drees & Sommer becomes an SE

2017: dsa engineering joins the Group

2018: Automated initial benchmarking of real estate with Asset Check

2019: EPEA joins the Group

2019: The FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE protest movement resonates worldwide

2019: Drees & Sommer Creators Programs for start-ups and corporates

* Offices not operating anymore