Giving children a future

Protecting and improving lives: The team from dsa-engineering  – Part of Drees & Sommer is sponsoring five children in Ethiopia, thus ensuring that their basic needs are met.

Brief Description


Since the beginning of 2020

365 days


Clean drinking water, medical care, and schooling for children are all things we take for granted in Europe. In Ethiopia they are luxuries. The aim of the sponsorships is to meet the children’s basic needs and ensure that they can enjoy a reasonable standard of living. As well as the children’s families, entire project communities will benefit from the financial aid. In addition to supporting the children, the money will be used to provide medical care for expectant mothers and young children, agricultural training, and for the construction of new wells, sanitation facilities and latrines. The goal is to gradually make the communities independent of financial help.

“We are currently involved in a major GCM project with a focus on production facilities in Africa. The sponsorships in Ethiopia are our way of giving something back to the African continent.”

Jörg-Matthias Böttiger, dsa-engineering – Part of Drees & Sommer