Support for a hedgehog rescue center

At the Esslingen hedgehog rescue center, Anette Lampart and Heike Bauer lovingly nurse the prickly quadrupeds back to health – whether they are malnourished, injured or suffering from hypothermia. Drees & Sommer is supporting their work with food, financial contributions, and donations in kind.

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Funding and donations in kind

Sina Faass, Sabrina Fischerkeller, Julia Kümmerle for Drees & Sommer

For many years, Heike Bauer und Anette Lampart have been taking in sick hedgehogs in Esslingen, near Stuttgart. Anette Lampart previously worked in a veterinary practice, and Heike Bauer in an animal shelter. They share a passion for hedgehogs and often work together around the clock for the spiny mammals. In 2019, they took in 150 emaciated and sick hedgehogs, which were then nursed back to health and, if all went well, released back into the wild.

When new hedgehogs are admitted, Anette Lampart carries out an initial health check and nurses them. Heike Bauer then takes the hedgehogs home or finds foster carers who are able to look after the animals for an extended period. In winter, most incoming hedgehogs are ones that are too small to survive, while in summer most patients are animals that have been injured, for example after being hit by a car. It’s a full-time job for both women, who volunteer their time. “Sometimes I don't know whether I'm coming or going – or where I can find a temporary home for the hedgehogs. But when I come home and find that a female hedgehog has given birth to a litter, it warms my heart and makes it all worthwhile. It is such a great joy, every time!” says Heike Bauer.


Drees & Sommer is supporting Heike Bauer and Anette Lampart to the tune of €2,000, allowing the purchase of 80 kg of food, 20 rapid test kits for worm infestation, as well as donations in kind such as paper towels and kitchen rolls, which are required for hygienic care. Drees & Sommer has also paid four vet’s bills and donated €800 to the Esslingen animal welfare association.

And by the way, our mascot for the company anniversary is also a hedgehog: a soft-toy called ‘Sam’. Hedgehogs are a specially protected species under the Federal Nature Conservation Act. We want to help ensure that hedgehog habitats are preserved. As a symbol for all 50 community projects that Drees & Sommer is undertaking in 2020, ‘Sam’ is a fair trade product manufactured in accordance with strict guidelines.

“The two women show so much passion and energy. It’s great to see how many different facets voluntary work can have.”

Sabrina Fischerkeller, Sina Faass and Julia Kümmerle, the three initiators of the project

The hedgehog rescue center in Esslingen nurses small or injured hedgehogs back to health. After a medical check up those bristy animals get looked after by Anette Lampart (on the left) and Heike Bauer (on the right).

You can contact Anette Lampart under +49 711-300 1003 (mobile: +49 174/968 1955)

Sabrina Fischerkeller and Sina Faass, both employed by Drees & Sommer, hand over a donation worth 800€ to Hubert Fischer, a member of the Tierschutzverein Esslingen und Umgebung e.V.
Anette Lampert and Heike Bauer are pleased by diverse donations from Drees & Sommer for the hedgehog rescue center (from left to right: Fischerkeller, Faass, Bauer, Lampert, Fischer).