Passionately green: Maintaining biodiversity in Merxleben

In our globalized, digitized world, it is becoming increasingly important to protect the ecological richness and biodiversity of mature gardens and landscapes. Colleagues from Drees & Sommer Erfurt are rolling up their sleeves to support a sustainable planting project in a historic estate park.

Brief Description

Merxleben estate park in Bad Langensalza

Autumn 2020 and spring 2021

2 days

The team from Drees & Sommer’s regional office in Erfurt

The Unstrut-Hainich district authority in Thuringia is supporting local communities in their efforts to ensure greater biodiversity and improve quality of life. The district authority coordinates projects to establish a range of biotopes that will also enhance the attractiveness of the region as whole. One example is the reinterpretation of the Merxleben estate park in Bad Langensalza, a spa town steeped in history.

The historical part of the park, with an old stand of trees, was more recently? expanded, primarily through the addition of a copse of hybrid poplars. Following assessment by an expert, more than 20 large trees had to be felled in February 2020 for traffic safety reasons. These short-lived trees had reached the end of their lives and damage at the base of their trunks had compromised their stability. The aim of making good this major depletion of the tree population as quickly as possible resulted in a development concept that not only provides for new grassy trails, but also for the introduction of a diverse range of plant species.

In addition to making a donation, the colleagues from Drees & Sommer Erfurt will join representatives of the Unstrut-Hainich district administration in actively helping with planting.


“Confucius said that those who plant a tree shall gain heaven. Our engagement here is an active contribution to protecting and preserving our environment.”  

Liliana Tanurcov, Drees & Sommer Leipzig