Movember – Real Moustache Consulting

What’s a good way to start a conversation about a difficult topic? A moustache! Because the ‘mo’ is a fun way to indicate that the wearer is doing something for a good cause, as was the case with our Stuttgart REC colleagues during ‘Movember’.

Brief description

Area between upper lip and nose

November 2020

1 month, length largely genetically determined :)

Lutz Barnikel, Lukas Hach, Stefan Littschwager, Tobias Roth and Matthias Sieber from the Drees & Sommer REC team in Stuttgart

A dashing ‘tash’ and smart masks – for the second time since 2019, the members of the REC team in Stuttgart are participating in the action month of November to raise awareness of the Movember Foundation, which promotes men’s physical and mental health by supporting cancer and suicide prevention.

Last year the team collected €310 in donations. This year, the colleagues topped that by collecting €665 in donations from colleagues and friends! And Drees & Sommer supported the campaign with a further €2,000. All donations go directly to the Movember Foundation.

Another goal was to run at least 120 kilometers as a team in November to generate even more awareness. The number is symbolic: Each team member should run 60 kilometers to represent the 60 men who commit suicide each and every hour worldwide. The team surpassed this goal by running over 140 kilometers.

“We were surprised how many people we reached and that we were able to more than double the donation target. We will definitely be taking part again next year.”

Tobias Roth, Drees & Sommer Stuttgart