Helping self-help groups: Marketing know-how

KISS Stuttgart is a non-profit association that supports self-help groups in many different ways. Drees & Sommer is currently assisting KISS Stuttgart by providing marketing know-how.

Brief description


November 11, 2020 and various other days in the first half of the year

Several days

The entire Corporate Communications team, about 40 people

For over 30 years, KISS Stuttgart has been helping self-help groups get established and providing them with organizational support. The groups cover a diverse range of topics and initiatives, such as ‘managerial staff’, ‘rheumatism’, and ‘wheelchair accessibility’. KISS also directs people seeking support to appropriate groups. No fewer than 570 self-help groups are currently registered with KISS! A large part of the work of the association is conducted by six full-time employees.

As members of the Drees & Sommer corporate communications team, we are presently supporting KISS Stuttgart with the content and design of a new image flyer. We are also creating a digital leaflet generator, which will allow self-help groups to create their own customized information flyers. And of course, we are also helping on the ground. In November 2020, we will participate in KISS’s Self-Help Day with street marketing to make passers-by aware of both KISS and the Self-Help Day, and to attract more participants to the event. We are also supporting the project with a prize draw to win tickets for events in the Stuttgart area.

Our goal is to increase public awareness of KISS and the wonderful range of services they offer, and to encourage interaction between like-minded people for mutual support and to help dispel each other’s fears. We also want to help show that there are always people who are prepared to listen to you and who have problems similar to your own.


"In hundreds of self-help groups, people who address their issues and support each other fill the principles of community spirit and inclusion with life."

Hilde Rutsch, Managing Director and Jan Siegert, employee of the association

Information for everyone and everyone:
KISS uses media in a targeted manner, for example in the print sector. With our know-how we were able to support the association actively in the revision of their info flyer.
Emotional birthday:
In 2019 KISS celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in Stuttgart. Actors with a drug past from the impro theater group "Wilde Bühne Stuttgart" cast a spell over the festival guests.
Dance knows no bounds:
With a successful performance, disabled and non-disabled dancers of the company "Szene2wei" showed that there is more that unites us all than separates us.