Cradle to Cradle goes to school

Colleagues from Drees & Sommer and EPEA plan to spend at least one day at a Hamburg elementary school. They will work with the children to develop solutions for recyclable packaging, regenerative house building, and healthy materials in the home and school environments.

Brief Description

Initially, the third grade in a Hamburg elementary school, possibly followed by other grades

When coronavirus restrictions are lifted

1 day, 2 x 90-minute slots, plus 1 follow-up after 2 – 3 months

3 colleagues from Drees & Sommer and EPEA – Part of Drees & Sommer

Dreso and EPEA experts from Hamburg will go ‘back to school’ to raise kids’ awareness for the appropriate use of packaging, construction materials and resources.
The plan is to spend one day at a Hamburg elementary school after Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted or when appropriate protective measures can be taken. The program will include bringing real building materials to the third-graders’ classroom to teach the kids about healthy building materials, separability and recycling. The children will also learn about the Cradle to Cradle principle, inspiring them to continue thinking about it and acting on it.
The colleagues have written an educational story about packaging, which will be made available to other schools at a later stage.