Blood donation campaign during the coronavirus pandemic

Colleagues from our Ulm regional office supported a blood donation campaign run by the local German Red Cross under difficult circumstances during the coronavirus pandemic.

Brief description


September and November 2020

2 days, 4 blood donations

Four Drees & Sommer employees from Drees & Sommer Ulm


Planned blood donation appointments had to be postponed twice due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some members of the team were finally able to attend appointments in September and more recently in November 2020.

Originally, the plan was to invite business partners, friends and family to attend a specially organized blood donation session. This was to be followed by a small get-together. The event was to be supported and hosted by the entire Drees & Sommer team in Ulm, including organization of catering, administrative support for the German Red Cross (GRC) with donor registration, donor support, etc. However, these plans had to be postponed due to pandemic restrictions.

Four Dresos finally attended the GRC Blood Donation Center in Ulm to donate blood. A ‘re-run’ of the donation campaign for the entire Ulm team is planned for 2021.



“Unfortunately, we were unable to hold the planned large-scale donation event this year. But our small interim donation can help up to 12 people. And that’s what counts!”

Naemi Schugg, Drees & Sommer Ulm