50 hours for clean beaches in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is surrounded by sea and beautiful beaches. Both suffer from pollution, caused in part by the millions of people from home and abroad who visit each year. So the Drees & Sommer team in Dubai quickly reached consensus on their community project: It has to help protect the local environment.

Brief description

Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

February 20, 2020

A total of 50 hours

25 employes from the Drees & Sommer Dubai regional office

Although Dubai already has several programs and campaigns to keep its beaches clean, the local Drees & Sommer colleagues want to go one step further and do their part. The aim of the initiative is to prevent waste from entering the sea, thus protecting the fragile coastal and marine ecosystem.

On February 2, equipped with cotton gloves, biodegradable garbage bags and containers, 25 Dresos took half a day off to head to Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach to clean it up, resulting in over 50 hours volunteer work to protect the environment.